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So it being the festive season and all things being fun and celebratory, I thought I would sway from all things travel and do The Christmas Tag. I was nominated for this by the super cool people over at and I’ve amalgamated their two sets of questions together to make one post.

Is September too early for shops to start selling Christmas stuff?

Yes. I’m a firm believer that once Halloween is over, that’s an acceptable time to bring in the Christmas. Anything before is too early. But I’m ok with year round christmas shops.

How far ahead do you start buying Christmas gifts for loved ones?

Usually i keep my christmas shopping till December. I like to feel the buzz around the streets of the city whilst shopping.

How organised are you about planning your Christmas?

Not a lot to be honest. Christmas is the busiest time of the year in work, and the planning has to slot in around that.

Do you love or hate Christmas shopping?

I like it but I can’t say I love it. Sometimes its too much of a frenzy.

Do you celebrate any religious aspects of Christmas?

No. I would have done as a child, but I’ve long since turned my back on religion.

Do you prefer to receive lots of little gifts or one big gift?

I prefer one big gift. If I want something little I generally go out and buy it. My christmas presents usually alternate between new phones, and photography equipment.

Which do you enjoy the most: giving or receiving presents?

I think I prefer giving, I’m awful at receiving them.

Do you own a Christmas jumper?

Two in fact. Got a new one during the week actually We do a customer appreciation night in work at Christmas and christmas jumpers are essential dress for the night. It’s good to show that you aren’t too serious. This is from the party Saturday, and that’s me with my new Llama jumper. What have they got to do with Christmas? I’ve no idea.

Describe your perfect Christmas Dinner.

Traditional. Turkey and ham, stuffing, with roasted potatoes and veg. You can’t go wrong.

Where do you normally eat Christmas Dinner?

My parents live in the small town of Longford in the Irish midlands. I’ve spent my christmas there each and every year, except one. It’s so relaxing, it really is the perfect place for me at christmas.

What’s your favourite Christmas candy?

I have a lot. I would have to go with Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segsations. They truly are segsational.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

I guess the atmosphere it generates, the bright lights and decorations. When it’s over and January comes around it feels there is a gaping hole. Here are some images from around Dublin.

What is your least favourite thing about Christmas?

Is probably the busyness. You go to buy milk and it takes thirty minutes to park the car. I could walk to the shop, I know.

Name your top three Christmas songs.

Fairytale of New York by the Pogues, A Spaceman Came Calling by Chris DeBurgh, and Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea.

Name your top three Christmas films.

Die Hard 2, Home Alone and Elf.

If you could time travel back to any Christmas Day from the past, what age would you have been at the time you’d go back to?

I guess 8 when I still believed and looked at Christmas with wide open eyes. I used to collect clippings of Santa from newspapers when I was young, I used to be embarrassed about that but now I look back and think it cute.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most and one being the least, how much are you looking forward to Christmas this year?

Its Christmas Eve now, so I guess I was about an 8 up until now. Can’t wait to eat a gloriously large meal tomorrow and just chill out with a few glasses of wine.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the most and one being the least, how much are you stressed about Christmas this year?

Christmas doesn’t stress me, its work on the run up to it that does. That’s life working in a hotel and bar.

What’s the best piece of advice you could give to anybody to help them enjoy Christmas to the max?

I think to just let themselves live in the moment of the day, appreciate all the family they have around them.

What time do you go to bed on Christmas eve and what time do you wake up on Christmas morning?

Late and late like most other non christmas days. So around 2am and 10am.

What Christmassy aesthetic do you prefer: traditional & handmade or modern & glitzy?

I would prefer handmade but more often than not end up with glitzy. We started collecting baubles for the tree from different countries we visited but haven’t gotten to far on that yet. Here’s one from Santorini.

When do you put up and take down your decorations?

Usually they go up when I have a day off from work, and we would traditionally leave them up till the sixth of January.

What’s the true meaning of Christmas to you?

I think it’s about spending time with family and appreciating them. Them not their gifts.

Do you stay awake to see in the new year?

I hope so cause I’m in work every year. We usually take a break for ten minutes just after midnight and toast the new year with a glass of champagne.

Do you make any resolutions and if so, how long do you normally keep them for?

Hell no, that’s an awful mistake in my opinion. No one ever seems to keep them. A new year isn’t a reason to set a resolution. If you have a particular goal you can set that target at any time and work towards it.

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

I would say that probably Die Hard 2 shades it.

Have you ever had a White Christmas?

Yes we have had a few. I think the last one was 8/9 years ago though. It was one of only 2 heavy snowfalls I remember in Ireland, the other one being in 2018.

Where do you usually spend Christmas?

I go to my parents in Longford each and every Christmas. It really is a tradition now that I wouldn’t like to break.

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues. A lot of Irish people don’t think its Christmas till they hear that song.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve?

No we save them all till the morning of Christmas day.

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Fake, it’s a lazier and easier option. Trying to dispose of a real tree is hard work sometmes.

Are you a pro wrapper or do you fail at wrapping?

I’m awful. Somehow it never works especiallly if the shape of a gift is odd. So nowadays presents go into gift bags.

What makes the holidays special for you?

It’s the chance to spend time with family.

What place would you like to visit for Christmas?

My preference is to spend Christmas at home but I would love to go to German or Austria in the weeks before Christmas and visit a Christmas market. I never have an opportuinity to take leave in December.

Do you write and send Christmas cards?

No I’ve never done either.

That’s my take on Christmas. I’m delighted to be finally finished up in work for the season and I can now just relax. I want to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a happy Christmas  and a wonderful 2019.


15 thoughts on “The Christmas Tag

    1. That used to embarrass me so much. But age let’s you look at things in a different way. Thank you Julianne for reading (I don’t believe I knew your name before this). It’s been great connecting with you this year.

      Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Thanks. I did try New Years resolutions before, but it’s like the placing a bet on your willpower. Generally we lose.

      Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    1. Where else can I buy more Christmas baubles if their aren’t year round shops. Thanks for reading, have a great Christmas

    1. That’s what I say. It’s a bit much isn’t it. Did you get any Easter eggs while you were there. Have a great Christmas

    1. I hadn’t either till I bought some a week ago. Brought back some great memories. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas

    1. I’m half way there. 20 Plus. Sure as you know then life is rarely dull. Look forward to seeing the Christmas markets in 2042.

      Happy Christmas

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