Who is CarpediemEire?

The evolution within led to my name as I feel it is a reflection of who I am, as well as a moniker by which to identify myself.

Carpe diem- Latin for seize the day, make the most of what you have got.

Eire- The green isle of Ireland, the place of my birth.

John Quinn- My birth name, common as green grass in Ireland.

My story is an odd one, my parents had an aversion to travelling or so it seemed, so my first passport only graced my hand at the age of 18. I stumbled through a few teenage party holidays, and a summer in Chicago, and by my mid twenties the travel bug had not yet infected my brain.

But time and experiences change us all. It’s that one word that I feel drives me now. Experiences. The thrill of something new. The awe-inspiring sights that nature and man have placed around each and every one of us. They are in every far-flung corner of this planet, but also within touching distance. In that mountain range that lies to the south of where I sit.

Sometimes I think I look on the world with the joy of a child. With innocent amazement. My quest for knowledge grows exponentially, I am an avid reader of travel books, cover to cover. I like to be the one who at least pretends he knows where he is going and what he is doing.

Throughout my career, as a bar manager and operations manager in hotels, I have picked up a keen eye for detail and a good foundation to rate the service of others. It has also given me a taste for comfort, and I love a good hotel. I’m not the best at slumming it.

Life has also given me a wonderful daughter, who is now 8, and keeps me in focus. I try to evoke the adventuring spirit in her, if not successfully at all times.

My travel is primarily focused on Europe, with a sharp emphasis on history and architecture. I feed my need for culture and reward my appetite with good local cuisine. I am a self-confessed castle obsessive.

There are 2 sides to me, the one who wants to travel the world and share my vision. Then there is the other side, the father, the more grounded side. This keeps me closer to home, seeking activities within the country for us both to enjoy.

It’s these motivations that inspire me to share my experiences of life, my travels and the photos I will take along the way.