Treasures of the British Museum, London

The British Museum is the world’s first purpose built museum. Built in 1753, it originated from the collection of Hans Sloane. A vast quantity of artefacts await, sourced from all corners of the planet, and organised according to the great civilisations that ruled them. Several hours are needed to view it, and luckily being a Friday it was open till 8, so I was afforded it. The building itself with its magnificent great court is a treasure. Admission is free, with donations of £5 suggested. The whole museum warrants exploring.

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3 Days in London in 2 Days. Part 2

Day 2 of my walking adventure through London, where I was attempting to burn through as many attractions as I possibly could. My flight home was at 7:50pm so no time to lose.

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3 Days in London in 2 days. Part 1.

42 km’s walking in 2 days added up to some very tired legs. But I realised my ambition to see some of the best sights of London.

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