A Day Trip from Amsterdam

Sunday 20th of May by CarpediemEire

So began our final day in Amsterdam and Holland. Our primary goals today were to visit the revitalised Alkmaar Cheese Market and the wonderful windmills of Zaanse Schans.

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Driving Holland’s Tulip Fields

Sunday 13th of May by CarpediemEire

If Japan has its Sakura in Spring then Holland’s colourful equivalent is surely its tulip fields. Today was the day when I would realise that ambition to find those fields of bloom. Bucket list

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Amsterdam in Spring – Day 1

Sunday 29th of April by CarpediemEire

Birthdays are for some a reason to party. For me I love to escape these celebrations and spend them bettering myself in my opinion. By travelling. So on this, my 39th I wanted to scratch one off the bucket list, to go in search of those expansive, linear tulip fields in Holland. We took a four-day trip to Amsterdam, splitting the trip between the city and the surrounding countryside.

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Belfast with the Beau

Sunday 15th of April by CarpediemEire

Belfast capital of Northern Ireland, has seen a gradual growth in visitors since the end of the troubles in the mid 90’s. It is now a cosmopolitan friendly city and has a unique history as the only Irish city to truly feel the industrial revolution, from there through sectarian troubles to modern times.

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