Belfast with the Brat

Sunday 22nd of April by CarpediemEire

This is the companion piece of my last post. This my second visit within a year, where I expanded my scope to the city’s outskirts and integrated family oriented activities to entertain my daughter Nina.

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Belfast with the Beau

Sunday 15th of April by CarpediemEire

Belfast capital of Northern Ireland, has seen a gradual growth in visitors since the end of the troubles in the mid 90’s. It is now a cosmopolitan friendly city and has a unique history as the only Irish city to truly feel the industrial revolution, from there through sectarian troubles to modern times.

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Kilkenny City Break

We were spending an overnight break in Kilkenny, a medieval city in the midlands of Ireland with a lot of associated history. Featuring one of Ireland’s greatest castles, we took the opportunity to visit some of its landmarks and the surrounding countryside.

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A Misadventure in Mayo, Ireland

This was a planned trip in early January, for a night’s relaxation in a high-end spa hotel, and a little sightseeing in the local area. Alas not everything went to plan.

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