Lisbon with the little one. Day 5- Sintra

Sunday 8th of April by CarpediemEire


Our final day in Lisbon, we endeavoured to leave the city behind, and visit the Sintra Hills. It was the summer retreat for the kings of Lisbon for many centuries and the many palaces and mansions attest to that. Continue reading “Lisbon with the little one. Day 5- Sintra”

Memoirs of an Early Edinburgh Trip

A different life and a different time took me to Edinburgh in the midst of spring. Bright skies but the typical chill of Scotland still hung in the air. I had a 2 year old Nina in tow, but I was able to visit a lot that the historical city has to offer over the 3 days.

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A Misadventure in Mayo, Ireland

This was a planned trip in early January, for a night’s relaxation in a high-end spa hotel, and a little sightseeing in the local area. Alas not everything went to plan.

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