A Day Touring Amsterdam

Sunday 6th of May by CarpediemEire

We awoke early on the second day of our trip refreshed. The breakfast which was served in the Park bar of the hotel had the usual continental selection of meats, fruits, pastries and selected hot items. It didn’t offer anything too exciting and after 3 days it would become a little monotonous. I consumed scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit salad and a gallon of coffee.

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Belfast with the Brat

Sunday 22nd of April by CarpediemEire

This is the companion piece of my last post. This my second visit within a year, where I expanded my scope to the city’s outskirts and integrated family oriented activities to entertain my daughter Nina.

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Lisbon with the little one. Day 5- Sintra

Sunday 8th of April by CarpediemEire


Our final day in Lisbon, we endeavoured to leave the city behind, and visit the Sintra Hills. It was the summer retreat for the kings of Lisbon for many centuries and the many palaces and mansions attest to that. Continue reading “Lisbon with the little one. Day 5- Sintra”

Lisbon with the Little One – Days 3 & 4

Sunday 1st of April by CarpediemEire

Our continued exploration of the city of Lisbon. For day 3 we took a train out to Estoril before coming back to Belém, and day 4 we set our sights on the Castelo and the Oceanarium.

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Lisbon with the Little One- Days 1 & 2

Sunday 25th of March by CarpediemEire

Lisbon needs no introduction. It is an in-place at the moment,  near top of the list for European city breaks, blending good weather, history, fine cuisine, and proximity to the sea with immense good value. We travelled in early spring, but the city was already alive.

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Memoirs of an Early Edinburgh Trip

A different life and a different time took me to Edinburgh in the midst of spring. Bright skies but the typical chill of Scotland still hung in the air. I had a 2 year old Nina in tow, but I was able to visit a lot that the historical city has to offer over the 3 days.

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